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Angel Wings OP Seeds

Angel Wings OP Seeds

These seeds have been open pollinated by the awesome bees on LITTLE MISS BLOOM FARM and hand picked, hand sorted and hand packed.

ANGEL WINGS is my only Collarette dahlia on the farm so far and she is an absolute stunner. Her flower is about 15cm across and the bees love her. Cant wait to see what her babies are like.


20 Seeds per packet

  • Dahlia Info

    Dahlias can be grown by Tuber, a cutting and seed, but you will only get true to the parent by a tuber or cutting. Growing from seed is a whole new adventure, you could get anything which is so exciting. You will get nothing like anything else as it has been open pollinated by my bees to make something magical.

    Please keep me updated on what you get as I am always interested to see #littlemissbloomfarm

    Seeds can be sent throughout Australia excluding TAS, WA and NT.

    So Sorry

GST Included
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